Who is Amelie Adventurer?

Amelie Adventurer
Amelie is an [Ex Cute] Himeno / Fanny Fanny (Normal Version)
Size: L
Gender: Female
Sibling: She has no real siblings, but she considers all her fellow adventurers to be like sisters and brothers!
Birthday: May 12th

Info: Amelie is always ready for an adventure. Heck, Adventurer is her name!
It doesn't matter when, where or what the adventure is, she's ready to go...
and she would love it if her friends would adventure with her,
so she started Adventurer's Club!

Likes: Excitement and travel
Favorite Color:  Green and Orange
Favorite Food: How can she possible choose until she's tried them all?
Wants to be: An Adventurer, which she already is, so life is pretty darn perfect!


  1. Hello Amelie, thank you for starting the club, I am enjoying the journey with you.

    1. Amelie: Thanks for joining in! I was so worried I was the only adventurer out there... it's so good to know that there are other fearless, intrepid souls out there too! Heather has the whole year of adventures planned out, as well as some prizes that should be pretty cool for those who participate! She's a little leery to announce them before she has some on hand though! I think she worries that they won't turn out cool enough. Hahaha.... she can be so silly!

      Anyways, thanks for adventuring too, and we can't wait to see more of your adventures!!!